About brandon

Versatile in his dramatic and comedictiming, starring in everything from off Broadway musicals to short films andweb series, Brandon is poised to establishing a brand that projects quality aswell as longevity. Recently he was a supporting actor in the Inner City Southstage play Mind Games, for which he won Best Supporting Actor ina Stage Play at Diversity on Stage And Film’s third annual awardceremony in Memphis, TN. Also most notably Brandon was featured in ThePreacher and Favorites, two top 10 shorts, respectively,in the third annual Memphis Film Prize Film Festival 2017. This past year alonehe was honored to be a part of an-going web series entitled Not MyFriends.

His theatre credits include an off Broadwayproduction of Sarafina!, as an ensemble member and supportingcast, the hit musical Grease, as Sonny; both playing to audiencesat Hattiloo Theatre. In addition he played a lead role, Young Ebenezer, inHattiloo Theatre’s original production of If Scrooge Was a Brother,written and directed by Ekundayo Bandele.’

Brandon also had a   supportingrole in the off Broadway production of Lin Manuel’s magnum opus, In TheHeights, where he played the role of Graffiti Pete in 2015.

With the on the job education Brandonreceived in Theatre Brandon realized he was onto something great. In between afew theatre roles, he was cast as  “Roderick,” in TV One’s hitre-enactment thriller, Fatal Attraction, as the love-truck middle-agedman from Dallas who is killed by his best friend.

Brandon has recently taking to voraciouslyreading everything he can about script writing, storytelling and characterdevelopment, because as anyone in the theatre and film world know after a fewyears, you cannot just sit and wait for roles in between down times. You mustbecome a student of your craft. This serves a two-fold purpose. 1. You learnhow to create your own works, which keep you as the artist working in yourpassion. 2. Creates opportunities for others and thus gives you credibility,greater work ethic (if you’re committed and focused) and gives you a broaderpicture of the innards of the film, theatre and Internet media world.

When he is not studying to better hisacting and/or writing skills, Brandon can easily be found binge-watching anyand everything drama or comedy based, especially Orange Is The New Black,Marlon, and his favorite, Insecure.

Brandon tweets (twitter.com/unwrappedvision) often and with quicker wit as the days go by. He lovesto trek his hometown of Memphis frequenting live music venues and familiarhaunts. He often discovers new one’s, especially when carrying passengers toand from their destinations while using his Uber Driver app.

Brandon has been an Uber Partner for 2years and says he would do it full time if he could. He has a 4.92+ rating andhas performed over 1700 trips in his 2.5 years of service. He describes hisdriver experience as “Saturday Night Live without the budget.